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Wonderful blogger review by Vicki from Honest Mum and Mummy's Got Style


WHILST it's true that we manufacture and design childrenswear because we just love what we do, we have to admit, it's always really wonderful to hear people say lovely things about our clothing.

And...to see how fabulous little ones look in our clothes!

So you can imagine our delight when the professional blogger Vicki from Honest Mum and Mummy's Got Style posted this incredible review about us!

"Vibrant, well made, happy-making, modern and chic pieces, I was super impressed with the style and quality of the clothes and the boys loved them too!"

Not only does she sing our praises (which made us all want to dance around our office) but just check out how adorable her handsome two boys look in the stunning pics! I'm not sure we could find two boys cuter to wear our clothes!

Huge thank you to Vicki for such a wonderful review. And if you want your little ones to dress just like Alexander and Oliver, then don't forget to check out our fabulous and affordable range of boys clothing right here.

With love,

The Yellow Mellon Team