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Welcome Katie - Our Guest Blogger for June!


WELL, it's finally happened. Our blog has been taken over.

We're not complaining though because it's the lovely Katie from Pouting In Heels! Join us - and Katie - throughout the month as she guest posts on our blog, talking everything from parenthood to fashion.

We're also delighted to announce that Katie is our sponsored blogger for BritMums Live. Katie will be attending and representing us across the busy two days, so if you spot her, please do go and say hello! She has promised us that she won't bite ;-)

Without further adieu, ladies and gents, it's over to Katie!  X

Hello everybody!


I have to say it's such an honour to be guest posting on the Yellow Mellon blog. As one of my lovely freelancing clients, I have grown to know the talented Yellow Mellon team over the last few months and fallen in love with their gorgeous childrenswear, so let me tell you, it is a real pleasure to be popping on their blog to say hello to you all!

So what should we talk about today?! 

Well first things first, I should probably introduce myself, so we can get better acquainted. 

As you know my name is Katie and I am a blogger over at Pouting In Heels. But what you won't know is that I'm also a first time Mum to one wonderful but exhausting toddler Elsie and I'm self employed. Which means if you haven't guessed already, that life is very busy indeed!

Parenthood is amazing, that is true, but like most people, I've got to admit it was a bit of a shock to the system at first. I can quite clearly remember thinking "what on earth do I do now?!" when Elsie was born. (That's not just me right?!)

Anyway my blog quickly became a place from which I started to share my parenting woes, lessons and a few tips that I managed to pick up along the way.

So whilst we're just getting to know each other, I thought it would be a good idea to start off with some of my favourite parenting posts. 

These are the posts that I loved writing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.

Speak soon!

With love (and pouts)



P.S If you'd like to say hello, you can come and find me on Facebook or Twitter. And for all you mummy bloggers who will be attending BritMums Live next week, please do grab me and say hi if you spot me! I'm so looking forward to attending for the first time but a little nervous too so it will be good to see some friendly faces! Eeek! x