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This Week We're Loving... Retro Games!


Ok, we have to admit that kid’s games these days are pretty good. Back in the day we’d never have dreamt that you could access a world of interactive games at the swipe of a touch screen or by waving at the TV.

But in our eyes, nothing quite beats the retro board and card games of back in the day! Happy Families, Ludo, Doh Nutters… the list is pretty much endless once you get started.

One game that is as popular today as it was back then is Matching Pairs. What we love about the game is that it’s almost as hard to play for parents as it is for the kids! Let’s face it, it’s one thing remembering where you put your keys, let alone where Fred the Frog’s matching pair is.

Retro board games

After spending a day reminiscing, here at Yellow Mellon we decided it was time to combine the old with the new! Our interactive game of Matching Pairs is not only great fun for the kids, but pretty good for you too! Click on the Twitter ‘share’ button after you’ve finished playing to be entered into a weekly prize draw to win an outfit of your (or your little one’s) choice!

You can enter as many times as you like! We’ve even included a timer so you can play against each other and find out which of your family deserves to be crowned the #YellowMellonPairs champ!

What’s your favourite retro game? Tweet @yellowmellon12 and let us know!

Happy playing and good luck! X