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The best Christmas adverts of 2014 so far!


Who found themselves crying at a penguin this weekend?!

The hotly anticipated John Lewis ad hit our screens this weekend, with Monty the Penguin making his TV debut and instantly becoming a mini celeb in his own right. Not only are there Monty toys and Monty pyjamas, Monty even has his own Twitter account. Yup.

Obviously Monty is mega cute – but did anyone else’s heart also melt a bit thanks to the adorable little boy?! This year more than ever brands seemed to have upped the cuteness. Not only have we got adorable penguins, we’ve also got adorable kids!

Another Christmas advert that is using cute kids to get us feeling all festive is Debenhams. Their ad plays on what all of us have dreamed of at one point - a whole shopping centre to ourselves. No queues for the waiting room, no annoying shop attendants… It’s the dream. Apart from in this ad it’s the kids who get to have all the fun.

The Christmas kids’ lock-in sees children running wild in a Debenhams department store and follows the journey of a little girl looking for her perfect present. (We’ll let you watch it to find out what it is!)

Then of course there’s the Coca Cola ad which never fails to really make you feel like it’s Christmas.

Which ad has been your favourite this year so far? Tweet us at @yellowmellon12 and let us know!

PS. If the thought of Christmas shopping is starting to stress you out ever so slightly, then don’t panic! Put the car keys down, pop the kettle on and find some fab gift ideas over at Yellow Mellon.

 Christmas for the kids = sorted.