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The Back to School Shop... for £1.50!


For some parents this is good news and others it’s sad news… back to school is looming!

We don’t know about you, but these six weeks seemed to have flown by! Whatever you’ve got up to these hols, we hope you’ve managed to have a summer filled with fun.

After a sunny start to the holidays, unfortunately the August weather now seems to well and truly be upon us. (Another definite sign that it’s nearly the new school year)!

With every new term comes the inevitable need for new school uniform, which we all know can put a whole load of strain on the family budget.

But don’t panic - this is exactly why we’ve developed our range of £1.50 school uniform! Yup... £1.50! We know you don't want to be spending a fortune unnecessarily, so we've slashed our prices to keep your kids looking the part without breaking the bank! Our shirts, coats, trousers and skirts are all hard-wearing and durable to keep even the most footie/gymnastic-obsessed of children looking presentable!

Now you can do the back to school shop from your sofa, and still have the change left over for those new school shoes!
YM x

Back To School Clothes

1. Girl's pleated skirt: (3-10 years) £1.50 Shop girls school skirt

2. Girl's short-sleeved blouse (3-10 years) £1.50 Shop girls school shirt

3. Boy's grey trousers (2-6 years) £1.50 Shop boys school trousers

4. Girl's grey trousers (3-10 years) £1.50 Shop girls school trousers

                                5. Girl's wide leg black trousers (3-9 years) £5.99 Shop girls black school trousers