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Something for Frozen fans!


IT is the film that continues to grow in popularity and one EVERY parent knows.

Yes folks, we're talking about Frozen - Disney's enchanting tale about two devoted sisters that features some of the best Disney songs ever! (All together now: "Let it go, let it go....")

So for little girls up and down the land, we have decided to sell some very 'magical' pyjamas. Official Disney Frozen pyjamas no less! 

And for a short time, while stocks last, we've decided to sell them much less than the RRP. Yes Mums & Dads, you're going to love us even more, as you can now buy Frozen pyjamas for less than £5 on Yellow Mellon!

To grab your little girl a pair, simply pick which colour option you like (we currently have pink or mint / purple) and then enter the code: FROZEN at the checkout to buy them for just £4.99.

Just don't blame us when your little one wants to wear them for daytime attire too! ;-)

With love,

The Yellow Mellon Team