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Kids Can Do Vintage Too!


The love for vintage clothing is still going strong, and if you’ve tuned in to any of the latest series
of ‘This Old Thing’ then you’ll know what we mean!

We reckon Dawn O’Porter’s vintage victories will have got a lot of people digging out their old wardrobes and rummaging through vintage and charity shops for finds.

This all becomes a bit more difficult when it comes to getting your kids in vintage! Girls are a little bit easier, and it’s great to customise girl’s clothing with trinkets you find during your vintage shops. But for boys… it’s slightly trickier!

That’s exactly why we’ve developed our Vintage range of t-shirts, to help add a bit of classic style to any boy’s wardrobe!

Distressed print and retro imagery have been mixed with bold colours and 21st century cuts to create stylish pieces that will still help your little one stand out in a crowd.

With prices starting from £5.49, there’s really no reason not to go retro!

Boys Wardrobe Choices

1.Vintage Medal: (1-6 years) £5.49 Vintage Medal Shirt

2.Vintage Baseball Sweat: (3-10 years) £5.99 Vintage Baseball Sweat

3.Chucks Converse Distressed Tee: (3-7 years) £12.99 .Chucks Converse Distressed Tee

4.Monster Truck ’86 Tee: (2-7 years) £5.49 Monster Truck ’86 Tee

Have you got any vintage tips? We’d love to hear them!YM x